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Create a SignalR Chat Module for Kooboo CMS

This is my attempt at getting the classic SignalR chat demo working inside a Kooboo CMS Module. The point of this module is a proof of concept to see how a fairly complex module is set up since the SignalR routes for the hubs need to be registered properly for the demo to work and there is no controller or easy route to set up in order to get this working.

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Kooboo CMS Module Creation and Development

This is a quick introduction to Module development for Kooboo CMS. I ran into a few issues while I was trying to follow the official guide so I thought I would document the process for future reference.

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Kooboo CMS Installation Guide

I recently started evaluating Kooboo for potential use where I work to replace our existing CMS. We do a lot of website development in MVC.Net so Kooboo seemed like a good fit for our environment and existing skill set. A lot of the documentation and examples they currently have are a little hard to follow and I found just getting the code and opening it in Visual Studio using their instructions was a bit difficult so here's the easiest way to get started.

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